About us

The Eagles of Mesopotamia – A New Iraq for All Iraqis!
We are a group of young Iraqi nationalists who act for a united new Iraq and resist the Iranian interference in our country. The new Iraq we fight for must be an Iraq for all Iraqis regardless of religion or ethnicity—Sunni, Shiite, and Kurds. The Iranian regime has been trying to take over our beloved country and exploiting it for oil by turning the Sunnis and the Shiites against each other by spreading propaganda and fake news.
Last year, we began our protest against the Iranian destructive interference on the streets throughout the country and now we are taking our fight to the next level and hacking our enemies for Iraq. We will not stop until we get rid of the Iranian regime’s interference in our country and its attempt to control our resources.
We call upon our Iraqi brothers and sisters to join us in this most important nationalistic struggle!
We will use all our capabilities, tools and networks to join the people of our great Iraq and to establish a NEW Iraq for ALL Iraqis!
We are the Eagles of Mesopotamia and we will defend our land!