100 European ISIS fighters facing imminent death penalty, says Iraqi Amb.

Iraqi ambassador to Belgium, Jawad al-Chleihawi disclosed that around 100 European ISIS convicts will be prosecuted in Iraq and most of them will be sentenced soon to the Capital punishment. 

Ambassador al-Chleihawi who was speaking to the Belgium RTPF broadcaster on Sunday added that the majority of the European ISIS suspects belong to Russia, Belgium, France, Turkey and Central Asian nations. 

Mr. al-Chleihawi added that nearly 1400 family members of ISIS terrorists are being held in a special camp near war-ravaged Mosul in northern Iraq whose fates must be determined as soon as possible. 

Earlier, Colonel Ahmad al-Taie, the commander of Iraqi forces in the northern Province of Nineveh declared that Iraqi government strictly confines those ISIS family members so they wouldn’t endanger the security in the area. Iraqi judicial system also promised to settle the status of ISIS family members in a near future. 

The Russian state-run RT news channel recently reported that Moscow has repatriated the Russian children whose parents were members of ISIS terrorist organization.

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