Iraqi forces launch  major military operation to wipe out ISIS terrorists in eastern Diyala 

The head of the Diyala operation, General Mazhar al-Azzawi announced Tuesday, the launch of a large-scale military operation to get rid of ISIS terrorists in eastern Iraqi province of Diyala. 

Gen. al-Azzawi  added  in an interview with Iraqi local media that Iraqi Military forces made up of the Federal Police, Popular Mobilization Forces(PMF) and the Iraqi Army, backed by Iraqi Air Force, kicked off a large-scale military operation to hunt down ISIS terrorists  in Nada Lake, located 45 kilometers east of  Baqubah . 

According to the Iraqi officials, the operation in Diyala will cover large swathes of territories and will be carried out according to a meticulous planning, aimed to completely end terrorist activity and enhance stability and security in eastern Iraqi province.

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