ALQAEDA Launches Fierce Attack Against Syrian Army Southwest Of Abu Duhur

Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (ALQAEDA) launched a new fierce attack against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) southwest of the strategic Abu Duhur airbase in eastern Idlib and captured the villages of Rubay’ah and al-Khuraybah, according to the HTS-linked news agency Iba’a. Iba’a also announced that a suicide bomber of HTS “Abu Huzaifah al-Homsi” conducted a VBIED attack on a key position of the SAA in Talib village north of Sinjar town. From its side, Syrian pro-government sources claimed that the SAA destroyed the VBIED before it reached its target.Some pro-HTS activists went as far as claiming that HTS captured Sinjar town south of the Abu Duhur airbase. However, HTS didn’t confirmed any of these claims so far. Meanwhile, the SAA maintained its steady advance in the southwestern Aleppo countryside and captured the villages of Umm Jurn, Banan Al Hoss, Mufalasat, Rasem Hulu, Jadiean, Jabal al-Mdwar, Tell al-Ayyubid, Kafr Akkar, Kafr Abbash and Muntar, according to the Syrian state TV. While HTS attacks managed to slow down the SAA advance, it didn’t achieve any of its main goals like besieging the SAA south of the Abu Duhur airbase. However, radical militant groups will likely continue its attacks against the SAA in an attempt to prevent Abu al-Duhur from falling into the hands of government forces.

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