Bahrain’s Ulama Calls for Unity & Mass Participation in Protests Commemorating Seventh Anniversary of the Revolution

Bahrain’s top religious scholars or the Ulama called for mass participation in Wednesday’s protests commemorating the seventh anniversary of the country’s popular uprising. In a statement released on Tuesday, the scholars also called for unity and warned about the dissemination of misleading information by the authorities aimed at weakening the pro-democracy movement. On the occasion of the seventh anniversary of the start of the glorious February 14 revolution, we salute our free, beloved people. We salute your steadfastness, resoluteness, efforts and struggle,” the statement reads. Tens of thousands of Bahrainis rose up in a series of protests against the ruling Al Khalifa clan in February 2011. The Manama regime responded by violently breaking up the rallies and killing over 100 people in the ensuing crackdown. Since then, the monarchy has only stepped up its campaign of repression – dissolving opposition groups and jailing politicians and activists while resorting to torture and executions as a form of punishment for dissent.

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