Gaza under emergency state for medicine shortage

Hospitals in Gaza are operating under emergency state due to shortage of medicine, as Israel’s blockade on the Palestinian enclave is exacerbating the already dire conditions in the area. Officials at Gaza Health Ministry told nearly half of the medicine stock across the enclave is finished and they have not been able to supply them due to the Israeli siege. “The medical crisis has deteriorated, as sanctions on the ministry of health have intensified and closure of crossings prolonged. The ministry failed to attain the medicine it needs. The problem is unprecedented since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority which has always been working under emergency state,” Munir al-Barsh, a health ministry official, said. Apart from the embargo, Israeli officials also deny travel permits for the patients who are in urgent need of leaving the enclave to seek medical treatment in the West Bank. According to the Gaza Health Ministry, 54 patients died in 2017 for not obtaining Israeli travel permit.

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