Ali Karimian

Iran’s psychological warfare is aimed at YOU

EXPOSING: Hundreds of fake news websites worldwide are secretly operated by Iranian Quds-Force.

Bayan Rasaneh Gostar Institute(BRGI) is an online media company responsible for many news websites across the Middle East, as well as Europe and the United States.
Today we are exposing that Bayan Rasaneh Gostar is not just a news outlet – it’s a tool in terrorists’ hands!

BRGI is a front company for Quds Force’s influence operations unit, headed by Haj Ali Karimian, a high ranking officer in QF.

BRGI’s main secret goal is spreading Iranian propaganda throughout the world in order to influence public opinion.
But we will not let them continue, now is OUR time to STOP them!
Three weeks ago, we hacked and took down many of their propaganda websites in order to stop the Iranian interference in Iraq and around the world –
Now not only in the streets, but online as well.
We are not done yet. We will expose BRGI, their methods, their names and their personal details. If we had to hear them for YEARS, they will now hear US!

Here are the main personas in this propaganda machine. This is just the beginning, we will expose everything related to this campaign:

Ali Karimian

Mohammad Ali Anusheh

Hasan Zeineldin

Morteza Shabani

Mehdi Abbasi

Abbas’ali Karami

Mehdi Asagri

Ahmad Mahmudi

Mahbub Golizadeh

Mehdi Chitsazpur

Stay tuned, as soon we will reveal more of the information that we have discovered.