BRGI’s Websites in Iraq

The Iranian regime and QF pose the biggest threat to Iraq. Their militias are killing us. Soleimani’s soldiers are destabilizing our country and seek to provoke an ethnic war among us. Behind the scenes #the_ayatollahs_of_terror are trying to drip poison into our society.

We will not allow this to continue. We have stopped the Iranian propaganda and their attempts to sell lies to the Iraqi people.

We are exposing today 3 websites the BRGI operated before we took them down:

They pretended to be Iraqis, and published news to improve their image. The Iraqi nation is not stupid and does not buy these lies. The Iraqi nation will not be tempted to support whoever kills our brothers and sisters in the protests.

We have crashed the website and it will no longer continue to poison our hearts.

The website of the criminal militia:

In Iran they are pursuing our Kurdi brothers and oppressing them. But in Iraq they think that with a fake mask they will manage to recruit them for the sake of the evil regime’s interests.

The Iraqi nation is a united nation and will not allow ethnical conflicts to divide them. Sunnis, Shiites and Kurdis against Iran’s lies!