IRTVU seems like an innocent initiative for Islamic media networks, but in reality it is just AGAIN ANOTHER QUDS FORCE FRONT, which Ali Karimian runs. The same person Ali Karimian who we confirmed is a QUDS FORCE official, that also runs BRGI!

On their website they claim they “fight false and malicious propaganda of enemies of Islam”, when in fact THEY ARE THE ONES SPREADING this!

This organization runs over 200 media platforms across 5 continents, all of them are Iranian propaganda tools, which spread fake news and CONTROL YOUR OPINION.

We have taken down their platforms and we keep fighting to stop their lies!

Today we expose some of the names of the people that are behind this operation.

Some of these names are the same people’s names who run BRGI. Coincidence?

These are the people running this lying operation to spread Iranian propaganda narrative on your account:

Akbar Jarianpur

Mohammad Mahmud Hashemi

Abdolmajid Taheri

Naeem Haydari

Kamal Bahrani

Mahbub Gholizadeh

Sheikh Nasir Akhdar

Abolfazl Molla’i

Saed Sadeghi

Ehsan Asgharzadeh

Mirfat al-Labban

Abeb Shabib

Fatima Fawaz