EX-CIA Agent: Washington orchestrated Lebanon’s Hariri assassination

Wayne Madsen, a former CIA agent and investigative journalist divulged new information about the controversial assassination of Lebanon’s former Prime Minister Rafic Hariri.
Mr. Madsen in an interview with Russian daily Kommersant claimed that following September 11 attacks, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) launched an insidious top-secret program to assassinate prominent political figures to stoke unrest and instability across the globe.
Madsen added the CIA-run operation which was codenamed ‘Worldwide Attack Matrix’ selected and then assassinated an array of influential politicians such as the Lebanon’s Premiers Rafic Hariri, John Garang Sudan’s rebel reader and the Christian Lebanese warlord Elie Hobeika.
Bob Woodward, a well-known reporter, in an article published in Washington Post in 2002 claimed too that United States had a clandestine program to liquidate world’s leading politicians.
American consecutive administrations refuted the allegations made by Woodward and Madsen and sought to question the veracity of their claims, though Madsen stresses that CIA employed a labyrinth of hired assassins to eliminate political personalities in the past decades.

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