The Conscription Crisis :More Israeli males escape from the military service 

According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, Israel is grappling with a new crisis; a sharp decrease in the number of military conscripts. Less than %72 of Israeli males born in 1999, who are now of draft age, are actually subject to the draft.   

Of those exempt from the forced military service, %14.7 are Yeshiva students—students of Ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools—, while another %7.4 are exempt for medical or psychological issues. The chief reason for the conscription rate decline in Israel is that %34 entitle an exemption by declaring themselves adherents of restricted Jewish sects. 

Furthermore, the statistics released by the  Zionist regime show that there has been a dramatic drop in the rate of male conscripts wishing to serve in  combat positions, from %76 in 2010 to %67 in 2017.  

And over the last decade, the percentage of potential combat soldiers who were deemed fit slid %6, based on their mental or physical military status. 

Both Israeli males and females are obliged to enlist in the Zionist Army at the age of 18 for a period of three years.

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