September 25, 2018
Al-Assad with Syrian Army in eastern Ghouta Fronts
📸[email protected] correspondent in East Ghouta “Hadi al-Manjad” along with his family have exited through Hamouriyah corridor
Turkish airstrikes killed ~20 civillians today in Afrin.
Pics of civilians who fled East Ghouta yesterday arriving at a temporary residence centre in Harjalah town


The Syrian Army is in full control ofAlReyhan in Eastern Ghouta
Injuries & Casualties after Turkish airstrikes on Afrin today
📸A military leader in Liwa al-‘Adiyat (JTS) “Mohamad Khattab” was killed in clashes with the Syrian Arab Army in north Hama countryside today
2 Turkish soldiers killed in Dicle district in Diyarbakir after launch of security operation cs PKK, they were reportedly killed by landmine
ISIS Releases Pictures Of #Aden Suicide Bombing
📸ALQAEDA allows first batch of civilians among them wounded to leave Douma via Wafideen crossing